Bora Luna

Bora Luna

Just WHO IS Bora Luna???

Bora Luna was born in Mexico. She came to the United States over 30 years ago. A definite influence on her life and Spirituality, was her Grandmother, or "Abuelita", Abduliah. Now, the thing about Abdulia, she was her native area of Michoacan Apatzingan Mexico's GO-TO-SHAMAN. 

Even when Abduliah would visit her granddaughter Bora in the United States, would-be clients would travel from Mexico to Northern California JUST TO SEE IF SHE COULD HELP HER. As the famous saying goes " It runs in the family" apparently.

Bora Luna is actually an 7th GENERATION WITCH-SHAMAN. Though she has resisted this Spiritual calling in her life for MANY years, She is now venturing out of her shell, embracing Herself ,her Spiritual Legacy, as well as preparing to serve her Soul's Mission here on earth by assisting and helping others embrace THEIR power.

Whether through her Psychic Text Message Readings, or any of the plethora of Spiritual products and tools she creates, Bora Luna has chosen to CREATE the life She wants and she wants to assist YOU to do the same through the aforementioned aspects of Her gifts.  

" Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of CHOICE"

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