Our Story Began in 2018 on Shango Rei's leading site (www.Shango-Rei.com ), where Bora Rei began to have one of her oils publicly available worldwide. This was just the beginning of a beautiful and exciting journey for the Rei's. 


Thanks to all of our Customer's encouragement, The Alpha Goddess Aura Oil was such a success that The Rei's decided to have more products available to the public. Now we introduce you to Bora's Bruja Boutique. Shango Rei's website is still available for Readings, Rituals, and Consultations; the Boutique is where all of our oils and Magickal hand made products are available. Such as The Famous Bora's Quantum Bruja Doll and The Secret Of My Success Prosperity, Luv&lust Oils, and much more.


All of our oils are made by Bora Rei with the highest quality organic herbs, roots, and essential oils from reputable sources. Any hand made products are made just for you by Bora Rei on demand. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best products and services. Our customers are the most essential part of our Journey, and we work tirelessly to ensure their complete satisfaction, Now and for as long as they are our Customers. 


As we continue to grow and add more products to our shop, please feel free to e-mail Bora Rei about a specific product you'd like us to have available for you. We will do our best to have it available for you.




Thank You again for all your support and encouragement in making our Journey so exciting. 

Bora Rei

© 2020 By Bora's Bruja Boutique 

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