Be Aware Of Thrift Store Demons

Many of you have come to us asking how you can perform a house cleansing ritual, and you can do this with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. There is no need to look for someone who will charge you $300-$1500 or more.

First, I want to tell you a short story of when I was a kid, and in this story, I will show you how you perform your house cleansing ritual.

My favorite place to go with my mom was the thrift stores, garage sales, and antique stores. Every other Sunday, we would get up early and spend our day driving around town looking for garage sale signs. If it were a rainy day, we would go to a second-hand thrift store or antique stores. I loved looking at toys and bringing back clothes; most of the time, they still had the department store tag. My mom would usually get furniture and things to decorate her house.

I have always been susceptible to external energies, to the point where at times, we would have to leave the store. I would get light-headed, a cold pressure on the back of my neck, I would feel as if I was floating and needed to lay down on a cold surface because I would start to feel dizzy and hot. I have always had trouble grounding myself and would carry all sorts of healing stones and protection talismans my grandma would give me.

On one of our weekend trips, my mom brought back a nice antique rocking chair, lovely looking. It looked like the previous owner never used it and had it for decoration purposes only. On our way back home, I couldn't stop feeling as if my energy was being drained out of me. When this happens, as soon as we get out of the store 5-10 minutes later, I feel better. Yes, I may look a little pale and tired, but the actual feeling would go away. NOT THIS TIME! Then I realized I had left my stones and talismans home. By the way, don't forget to check out my crystal shop and talismans.

When we got home, we brought everything down; I didn't care for any of my toys or clothes. I just wanted to lay down and sleep. As a kid, I would go back and forth between my adopted mother and my biological mother. So, I didn't have my room at my birth mother's home. I would sleep on the Livingroom couch. The feeling of my energy being extracted from me wouldn't go away. I slept throughout the afternoon and on to the night.

That night I remember waking up to use the bathroom, and I noticed that everything we purchased wasn't put away. As I woke up from my long nap, I had a strange feeling like something else was in the living room with me. I was still feeling the same when we first left the store, but the house had different energy; it was a foreign energy! I was still half asleep, and after using the bathroom, I heard my mom's door open. I looked over, and it was entirely closed.

Since I was half asleep, I didn't pay much attention to the door. I tried to go back to sleep; I glanced over to the chair that was right across the couch I was on and noticed it was rocking. I had a weird feeling like someone was sitting on it. There was no one sitting on the chair to my physical eyes, but somehow I felt like there was. I had chills go down my spine every time I turned to look at it. Right there, I knew there was something weird about the chair.

After a moment of lying there, I kept hearing things throughout my mom's house. In the kitchen, it sounded like someone opened the cabinets. There were sounds of footsteps on the ceiling. Everyone was asleep, so there was no reason for any of the noise. My mother lived on the top floor of a 4 unit building. No one lived above my mother's unit.

As I laid on the couch with my eyes closed, I started to drift back to sleep. Suddenly I felt something heavy over me, not physically sitting on my body but just over me. I opened my eyes and saw a black cloud of almost see-through smoke floating. The black cloud of smoke hovering over me had me paralyzed. I couldn't talk; I was only able to move my eyes. I was scared, I was terrified, and although I couldn't move, I still felt as if my body was shaking. I then closed my eyes, and in my head, I started to ask for it to go away repeatedly non stop until I fell asleep.

The next morning my mom's house felt colder than usual and smelled different. My mom had mentioned waking up to the house full of flies, which was weird because we had a screen door and windows. You could touch the flies, and they wouldn't fly away. My mom took advantage of that and killed them all with a fly swatter. The kitchen cabinets were all open, and the stove was on like someone was cooking.

My mom took the trash out, thinking that it was the trash making the house stink, but no matter what aerosol she sprayed and how much waste she took out, the smell never went away. I woke up feeling worse than the day before. I still had no energy to do anything and spent most of the day sleeping.

My mom thought I was getting sick and got concerned. I told her what happen to me at night and that it didn't feel like I was getting sick; it was a different feeling. She immediately called my gramma, and she gave her simple instructions on how to perform a cleansing ritual on me and the house.

My grandma knew how sensitive I was to energy and asked if I felt anything in the home. I proceeded to tell her what we brought home from the thrift store the day before and everything that had happened to me at night. I handed the phone back to my mother, and she started to gather things my grandma told her she would need.

Although the house didn't need the cleansing, we had brought the chair inside. And there was nothing wrong with the chair. It's not like it was possessed or anything like that. The chair just had negative energy attached to it, so it meant it was now in our home.

My mom had gathered the following items;

  1. Black Obsidian Stones

  2. Sage Stick Or Leaves ( You can burn the leaves on charcoal)

  3. Florida Water

  4. Bath Salt (brand and scent of your choice)

  5. Rosemary Essential Oil

  6. Sea Salt Or Table Salt

  7. Bells

  8. Rum

If you don't have a Sage bundle, you can always use lavender, cloves, pine cones, or basil. We had all those things in our home, so it wasn't like we had to go out and buy them.

While my mother burned the sage and she twirled the sage all over me, like when Cinderella's fairy godmother transformed her into a beautiful princess, She whispered a secret mantra while swinging the bells over my head. She then grabbed the bottle of rum and spray spitted me with her mouth; this was my least favorite part.


I was little and never paid attention, and can't remember the exact mantra. But it's as if mom was singing a beautiful song in Spanish. You can always find cleansing mantras online but still make it your own. When you make them your own, it makes them even more potent because they are YOURS.

My mother then did it to herself and the chair she brought from the thrift store. Afterward, she smoked the whole house, starting with the back of the house, working her way to the front door. She made sure all windows and doors were open and continued to chant her mantra. You can use something like this if you decide to do your house cleansing ritual.


After she smoked, she then proceeded to use her mixture of Florida water. She mixed Florida water, bath salt, Rosemary essential oil in a spray bottle. She sprayed all corners, doors, and windows of the house. Still swinging her bells, and continued to chant her cleansing mantra. The bells help dispel any negative energy that sage missed.

She grabbed her bottle of rum and sprayed spitted with her mouth the prominent four corners of the house. Finally, she closed off by adding a pinch of sea salt to those same famous corners. She did all this while still chanting her secret Spanish mantra and swinging her bells around the house. After her cleansing ritual, she placed the black Obsidian crystal in a potted plant outside the front door.

Now here we have learned never to bring anything used inside your home before spiritually cleansing. I also learned never to forget my crystals and protection talisman when going out to public places. Although I still do! I hope that sharing my experience helps others avoid making the same mistakes we did. If my grandma hadn't been alive at that time, who knows what else would have happened.

Healing stones and crystals have helped me ground myself that I now offer them in my shop and use them in my ritual work and altars.

Please share your demon and paranormal experiences in our forum, or leave a comment down below. And if you haven't already check out my previous blog post

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