How I Voodoo Dolled My Husband; True story

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

When I first met Shango, I knew he smoked, but obviously, I was goo-goo gaga over him; I overlooked that and continued to see him. As time passed and things changed in our everyday life, circumstances led us to get together. Finally, we decided to cohabitate, and I noticed how much he smoked daily. As the weeks went by, our home, clothing, and car started smelling like cigarettes. I went to work smelling like a smoker; I hated that!

I did ask him if he would one day stop smoking, and his answer was "yes, one day I will," and I followed that up by asking him if he felt it was an addiction or just a habit. He answered, "I can stop whenever I want; I just don't want to know." I never asked again but always kept in the back of my mind, "oh, I just wish he would stop smoking."

Time went by, and we continued with our daily tasks. We would always go to our local craft store, Jo-Ann's, to get stuff for our crafty projects. On one of our trips in early June 2019, we came across a fabric. This fabric was all black and had colorful smiley skulls printed on it. I wish I had a picture. I would show you. I then thought about making a voodoo doll for Shango as the heads served as a doll's face.

I didn't know how to bring it up to him. I didn't want him thinking I was weird or wanted to do something terrible to him. So, I made a joke about how it would be funny to make a voodoo doll with it. He thought it was funny and that I was joking. I bought the fabric home, and that night I started his voodoo doll.

I had never made a voodoo doll or any doll. Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing. It never crossed my mind to research online; I just went with the flow and followed my instinct. I did, however, go online and searched for an image of a poppet outline. I traced it over my iPad with a blank white printer paper. I cut the shape, placed it over the fabric, and traced it over, cutting it with scissors. At the time, I didn't know how to sow. So, I did my best and sewed the fabrics together by hand with both sides together.

As I sewed the voodoo doll, I watched Shango smoke. In my mind, I said, "I just wish he would stop smoking." I was not too fond of the smell of cigarettes in our home. Finally, the doll was complete. I started to think about what I could use to stuff the doll. I asked Shango for his Id, and I took a picture of it. It had his image, birthday, signature, and full name on it, and I thought it would be perfect for the heart of the voodoo doll. I then printed out the picture on a regular white piece of paper and cut it out. In the middle of the ID, I added some herbs and other magickal ingredients to the middle of the paper sheet.

I still needed something to stuff the doll with; I then remembered that we had saved a mass amount of it throughout the months of doing his hair. So, we had lots of it saved up. He has a thing about throwing his hair in the trash. We had a grocery bag that was rolling around the house full of his hair. So, I decided to give shape and dimension to the doll with it. Shango would make a male alpha lion look bald; he has a ton of thick hair!

The doll was stuffed with Shango's hair and had Shango's Id (i added herbs and essential oils) as his heart. Shango thought it was cool to have his very own voodoo doll even though he didn't know what it was for. The doll was complete and ready to be activated. Mind you, Shango had no idea what I was doing. He would watch and ask, but I always avoided his questions and made some jokes about it.

The night of the consecration ritual, I placed a ceramic plate in the middle of the room floor with Shango's doll and a Big red ribbed taper candle. I needed his semen to consecrate his doll. As the candle burned on the plate placed in the middle of the room, we had hot passionate sex on the floor next to it. As we were having sex, I kept thinking about how much I wanted him to stop smoking. When he came, I used his energy for the doll's consecration and put his semen on top of the doll's heart. TMI, I added too much of our mixture to the doll, and a day and a half later, it ended up stinking like rotten fish. Shango ended up adding a lot of cologne and Axe body spray to the doll; yeah, it reeked badly. The doll smelled like rotten fish, and we ended up not caring for it. The doll ended up hanging around the house on the floor in a wooden box we picked up on one of our trips to Joann's. After a while, the smell decreased, and Shango's doll ended up on his Shango's alter.

As the doll was around the house, I kept thinking, "when is Shango going to stop smoking?" As time went by, we went through relationship roller coasters, and in one of our arguments, he decided to destroy the doll. I was mad, pissed because I loved the doll. I felt connected to it even though I thought it wasn't working. I still thought it was cute, it was my baby, and I put work into that doll. Eventually, I forgot about the doll and my intentions, 3 ½ months went by, and Shango says, "I am thinking about not smoking for two weeks." I was surprised and thrilled at the same time. It was my dream to come true halfway.

The deadline for these two weeks landed right on my birthday, Feb 23. I was excited because he also mentioned that he would go longer than two weeks depending on how Shango felt. 2 weeks go by, and he hadn't smoked at all, NOT ONE. Yeah, he had cravings, but he was firm and kept his word. On Monday, Feb 24, he tells me he is going another week tobacco free. Another week goes by, and no sign of him smoking. The next thing you know is two months tobacco free.

I was so happy this had happened. My spirit then reminded me of the doll and my original intentions with it. I am sharing this story with you to prove that you will eventually see your results when you want something, and you put it out into the universe and FORGET about it. It may take a day, two days, weeks, or even months, in some cases, even years, to see some result.

I recently told him the real reason why the doll was created, and even he was surprised and shocked. Not because it worked but because of its proof that when you put all your "GANAS" (Spanish for DESIRE) out into the universe and forget about it, it will manifest.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, My first creation and Shango's first Quantum Bruja Doll. I have created a second edition of Shango's doll, and he is doing his work with it. Now we are proud to offer our famous Bora's Quantum Bruja Doll worldwide publicly.


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