The Day My Family Plotted An Exorcism On Me (TRUE STORY)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a small story with you. I know that many can and will relate to this. Please do not leave any negative comments and be friendly—many don't touch this topic out of fear of what others may say or think. And I would like to express my experience to what seems to be a scary topic for many.

A few years back, I had what people would call.

"The Perfect Life," I had a job where I got paid well $36 an hour 40hrs a week, quarterly bonus, insurance, and so on. I had my apartment, my car, and my family. But I was not happy! I started to work at the age of 16 and did what everyone wanted me to do.

In everyone's eyes, I had everything anyone ever wanted. Everyone was proud of me, and it felt good but, I WAS FEELING LIKE SOMETHING WAS MISSING.

A few weeks ago, I shared an article on my forum on Santa Muerte,


In that article, I give a short description of a dream I had with Santa Muerte when she first came to me. When I wrote that article, it brought me back to the exact moment of my dream. I can picture and see it in my head just as I typed. What I never spoke about was what she had told me in my dream. Everyone's experience is different and unique, so don't judge, lol!

As I stood in front of Santa Muerte in a well lite but dark flower garden cemetery, she began to say the following.

"A day will come where many will disapprove, but others will love and follow!"

Santa Muerte continued to say;

"With the sunflowers in this cemetery, I offer you unconditional love with the white roses representing the purity and innocence of it."

"The brightness in this cemetery that we now stand signifies my guidance and the darkness representing the experience left behind!"

"Every tombstone you see here represents everything you have buried from the moment of your soul's existence and will uncover with time as you continue to grow."

"I have been with you since the beginning of time and will continue to be here; allow yourself to receive guidance and messages from all those who came before you and are a part of you."

As I stand there, I watch myself through the glass globe on her left hand while I sleep in the 3D realm. The Scythe mirrored the moment in "real-time" like a glass metal mirror. I realized that she had crossed over to a dimension where she could meet with me halfway.

Media and ignorant people tend to display her like something from the devil, drug, prostitution, and cartels. But if many do their research and create a relationship with Santa Muerte, they will realize that she is a loving and caring mother.

After the dream, I tried to create a relationship with her as much as I could.

With three children, two jobs, and a side hobby, it was hard. As time passed, I started to get into the Tarot, leaving her aside. I had family, friends, and neighbors come to me for guidance as the word passed that I was a Santera's granddaughter and read Tarot. Not that having a Santera as a grandma was a big thing, she was well known, and everyone looked for her when she came to visit from Mexico. Everyone assumed that because I spent most of my time with her, I knew what she did. And the reality was I was, I was just a kid wanting to play and have fun with friends. I was only her helper who didn't pay attention.

I began to do tarot readings for people that came to me; Family and friends often recommended, or should I say, because it was free, lol. Yes, I never charged for any of my readings. I wasn't sitting at a coffee shop doing tasks all day; I did one or two a week. As I continued with my everyday life and worked my way up the cooperate ladder at work. One day at work, a man by the name of Shango approached me by asking what my name was in a choppy weird Spanish accent,

"Como se yamos?."



I bet even our guides and ancestors where like,

"WTF are you saying?"


And that is when it all began.

Shango and I began to teach each other about ourselves; we eventually decided to cohabitate. My family never met Shango, and up to this date, they still haven't. Now, as time passed, I tried to talk to my mother about him, but she turned her head the other way and did not want to know anything about Shango.

Months passed, and her birthday was coming; I thought a mojo bag would be great for her birthday as she loves to go to casinos and whatnot. Shango made a lucky mojo bag for my mother and one for her husband. Their birthdays were days apart. The day came; I handed her the lucky mojo bag and explained how it was made, Shango used to charge it up, and her next steps to keep that mojo bag alive. She did not feel frightened at all, but she was curious, and she continued to ask questions. Her husband was spooked, scared, and he was shaking. I did not want even to touch the gift bag containing the lucky mojo bag.

A few days later, my mother calls me excited to tell me she had gone to the casino and won $4,000 with only $200 in her pocket, while her husband won $500 with $200 in his pocket. My mom continued saying how she sold her car and how difficult it has been for her to sell it. She also mentioned how she got a car loan for over $60,000. That day she even asked me for a reading on a 6-month forecast; I was very excited about all the good news.

As days went by, I started to notice a shift in her energy, weeks passed, and she was distant. She one day called me to meet up at my children's home for a family meeting. The day finally came, and as I arrived, I noticed everyone was there, all my brothers, my sister, my children, and even my kids' father. The only one missing was my mother. As we waited, everyone started to talk about all the weird stuff going on in each of their homes; we used to do it all the time. I did not find it strange.

They questioned me about the "stuff" I do and whatnot.

A long time passed, and I had other things to do, and my mom was taking too long to arrive. As I am waiting for her, everyone else started to question Shango, how I have lost weight, and if I was ok! I was finally over the interrogation and decided to leave. As I walk out the door, I see my mother walking to the front of the house with a big jug of water.

"Ok, my mother must be on some water diet." I did not think anything of it at the time. I said hello and a couple of other words and told her I had to leave.

After that day, I noticed a drastic change in everyone's behavior from my little child to my mother and started to wonder what was going on. I asked questions, and no one would say anything. Few years passed, and an incident with my sister had occurred where I had to come to stay at her home to help her out for a few weeks with her children. I hadn't seen her in years, and now that I had her in front of me, I had to ask why everyone distant themselves from me, including my children. She then said, "the only reason I am telling you this is because I now see everyone was wrong!"


She then told me how my mom thought I wanted to sacrifice someone of the family and how I wanted to kill her by gifting her those mojo bags. The gathering we had years back was a planned exorcism; yes, my family plotted an exorcism on me.

The jug of water I mentioned seeing her carry was holy water.

Me diving deeper into my spirituality and living with Shango has demonized me in their eyes. She proceeded to tell me that my mother even had brought a "white Witch" from Mexico, who works with angels and "white magick."

This woman, who goes by the name of Dona Anita and who requires a heart transplant, had told my family; I sacrifice animals, was involved in drugs, prostitution, and even had HIV. She performed a cleansing ritual in each of my siblings and performed house cleansing for each of their homes. Dona Anita told them that I tried killing my mother and her husband when he only had a hangover, and the reason she was feeling sick was a UTI.

After hearing that Dona Anita said this and done that and my mother believed every word she had said, I was enraged. I was pissed; I felt hurt; I was all over the place with my feelings and thoughts. The first thing I do was text my mother and ask why she did all this, which only led to arguments. Now, I have excellent communication with my sister. However, she disapproves and is against what I do. I can have a sister relationship with her, which we never had due to other circumstances.

Months, Years have gone by; my family is stuck thinking that I have demonized. I come from a big family and only speak 2, and honestly, I have come to a place in my heart that I am ok with that. I did my part and proved what I had to prove, and if they want to label me as a demon worshiper, then, ok, I will be a demon worshipper in their eyes. There was much more to the story, but obviously, we would be making a book if I detailed everything out.

Where does Santa Muerte fit in all this; well, you see. If you recall what she had told me

"A day will come where many will disapprove, but others will love and follow!" Santa Muerte was preparing me for what was coming, and this is precisely what Santa Muerte meant!

Death is with us from the moment of birth, whether you want to accept it or not, and that is a fact. Death comes in many forms, and I had the pleasure to meet 2 of them, a dream and a way of a man I now love with everything.

"Every tombstone you see here REPRESENTS EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BURIED from the moment of your soul's existence and will UNCOVER WITH TIME AS YOU CONTINUE TO GROW."

Since I have met Shango, I have learned so much about people in general and, most importantly, myself. I thank him for that!

He has been here throughout the family bullshit, my shit, and our relationship ups and downs. And honestly, a "regular" man would have run the other way the first few seconds he had said.

"Como se yamos?." LOL

I have grown so much mentally and spiritually, and no one can take that away from me. I do not consider myself a devil worshiper; I read Tarot and guide those in need. I awakened my senses, which we all have dormant; they are just waiting to awaken. And I will continue to do my work with myself as many other things pop up in time.

My sister had mentioned that my mother had said.

"The only way I will allow your sister back into my life is if she leaves that man and everything she does behind."

That man is now my husband, and everything I do is a part of me.

Santa Muerte used her Scythe to cut away the blinds from my eyes to show me who was even related to the family. I now have my own successful business where I offer tarot reading by phone or text message.

I have a variety of healing crystals, which have helped me so much throughout my healing process.

As well as The Quantum Bruja Doll for shadow work and came up with my chakra alignment system.

I write this to you all who are going through the same thing I went through and still am today.



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