This stone is a rare and only found in the USA, Canda, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Norway and Greenland.

This stone is known as the Fireworks stone and is often confused with Astrophyllite and Nuummite. We must keep in mind that these stones are not the same but may look the same and be sold as the same stone.

How to tell if its Arvedsonite, well this unique stones has blue and/or gold needles with a dark black/brown background.

Arfvedsonite is the stone of manifestations, so watch out what you think of, it may come true. This precious and rare stone assists in clearing your path for spiritual growth as well as restructuring and reorganize your own life.

When you start working with this stone for long periods of time you will and can start to experiance psychic visions, which may assist in predicting the future.

Arfvedsonite rules the Throat Chakra and 3rd eye chakra.


When you first start carrying this stone you will feel its energy right away. Headaches low energy and so on. I recomend pairing it with a stone that can help ground you while you get used to Arfvedsonite's energy.

You can also give your aura time to adjust to Arfvedsonite's powerful energy by wearing it short periods of times at first.


This stone is the stone of universl love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.



There many ways to cleanse your stones, but i will give you the most common way to do so.

Place Arfvedsonite on a windowsill during a new or full moon, leaving it a few hours in the sun to recharge the next morning. Do not let this stone sit under the sun light for too long, it can and will fade. 

Smudging it with your favorite cleanisng herb, most common herb is Sage and Palo Santo.

I love to use lavander it is very calming and allows me to concentrate on my intentions with the stone.


You may also take it to a running river and allow the river to take all the negative energy with it. If you dont have access to a river you can place it under a running faucet for 1-3 minutes allowing all negative energy to go down the drain.

Since I carry my stones with every where in my bra, when I get home I get straight into the shower. I place my stones on the sink counter top so when I shower the mist in the shower serves as a cleansing process. Just like when we wash our body.

This method can be used for any stone, just be sure to wipe them off after words.

Other ways to cleanse is by making a rice or salt bed and placing it over the rice and under the full moon.

Others burry their stone in the ground or potted plant, leaving them overnight. But I personally dont like having to clean dirt off my stones. LOL CALL ME LAZY!

And this method isnt for ALL stones either.


These are just a few suggestions, there are many other ways to cleanse your crystals, look around and see what best fits you and your stone. Each and every stone is unique as well as you. And not all methods are for all stones. 



What I also love to do is grab 6 towers roughly around the same hight and size. If they arent the same hight its ok. Those can be used for the top and bottom. So, I take all six towers and create a start like circle using the taller towers for the top point and bottom point. In the middle of my Tower like star I place a small brown paper with my intention with each stone and on top of the paper I place a white tea light candle. before lighting the tea light I concentrate on my intentions and then light the tea light. This is my method of activating my crystals. you can use this method if youd like but rememeber that it works better when you make it your own. you can alter my method as many times as you like until you actually have successfully created your own.

They dont have to be towers they can be any stone, it does not have to be a star either you can place them in what every way you want. It also does not have to be 6 crsytals it can be 1 3 or 10 how every many you want. 

Arfvedsonite stone


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