Astrophyllite commonly mistaken with Arfvedstonite and Nuummite. Please keep in mind that although they may be sold as the same stone under the same name, IT IS NOT THE SAME STONE THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Just like you and I are humans we are are still different. SEX, CULTURE RELIGION ETC. 


How to know if its Astrophyllite, well this rare stone is a more chocolately brown color with golden copper needles as apposed to the dark brown/black matrix with blue and gold needles.


Astrophyllite is found in certain parts of the world like Mont-saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada; Pikes Peak, Colorado, US; Narsarsuk and Kangerdluarsuk, Greenland; Brevig, Norway; and the Kola Peninsula, Russia.


This stone is a personal power stone that helps you access information deep inside yourself that help you to find and achieve your purpose in life.

Astrophyllite absorbs and trasnmitts universal energy and stimulates feelings of gratitude and joy.

This stone works within all chakras and connects to the eighth chakra commonly known as the soul chakra with the earth star chakra.




There many ways to cleanse your stones, place Astrophyllite on a windowsill during a new or full moon, leaving it a few hours in the sun to recharge. Do not let this stone sit under the sun light for too long, it can and will fade. 


Smudging it with your favorite cleanisng herb, most common herb is Sage and Palo Santo.


You may also take it to a running river and allow the river to take all the negative energy with it. if you dont have access to a river you can place it under a running faucet for 1-3 minutes allowing all negative energy to go down the drain.

other ways to cleanse is by making a rice or salt bed and placing it over the rice and under the full moon.

Other burry their stone in the ground or potted plant, leaving them overnight. But I personally dont like having to clean dirt off my stones. LOL LAZY!


These are just a few suggestions, there are many other ways to cleanse your crystals, look around and see what best fits you and your stone. Each and every stone is unique as well as you.


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