Black Obsidian crystal bottle comes with a Black Obsidian Crystal Sphere and a 10ml Bottle of protection Oil.



Talisman bottle $144.99 Value

Black Obsidian Sphere with Stand $22.99 Value

Protection Oil $69.99 Value

A total of $237.97 Value

Black Obsidian Crystal Protection Talisman Bundle

$205.97 Regular Price
$195.67Sale Price

To bring in; apply from the bottom up.

To get rid of or to send out; apply from the Top-down.

Crown/Top of your head

3rd eye/ between the eyebrows

Temples/Side of your forehead

Back of your neck

Throat Chakra/ Throat area

Heart chakra/ between the breast or middle chest

Solar Plexus Chakra/ above the belly button

(3 fingers wide)

Sacral Chakra/ Underneath the belly button

(3 Fingers wide down the belly button

Root Chakra/ perineum area

(between the anus and external genitalia) I usually apply between my inner thighs.

And finally, the bottom of your feet middle, the arch area.