SO... WHY Do You Want A Quantum Bruja Doll?Well, there are two typical uses for a Quantum Bruja Doll. You Can Have One made of yourself OR you can have one made of a target you want to influence, dominate, manipulate or hex. The MOST popular reason to our pleasant surprise are individuals who are having their Q.B.D made of their OWN image and likeness.


WHY You Really Want A Quantum Bruja Doll Made in Your Own Likeness?

It's simple. A POWERFUL way you can bring about changes in your reality, or MORE IMPORTANTLY, shift WHO you are to that of a VERSION OF YOURSELF who HAS what you want to have and DOES what you want to DO, is through the use of sympatheic magick.


Sympathetic Magick is: Magic ritual using objects or actions resembling or symbolically associated with the event or person over which influence is sought.



Creating The Doll Of A Target For Revenge


What if You Could seemingly INFLUENCE someone by using a Doll in their likeness? Can YOU IMAGINE pulling a love interest to you, FAST, or executing revenge on a well deserving target of your choice? IMAGINE if you could have a customized created "magickal" Doll that can assist you in influencing and/or controlling a target of your choice?


Doll or Poppet Magick has been used for centuries for a reason. It WORKS. Using the principles of what modern science now calls Quantum Entanglement, practitioners of the magical arts could assert their will and manipulate people and circumstances using These carefully crafted Dolls. Who would you manipulate or influence IF You Can Have One Of These Dolls?


Bora's Quantum Bruja Dolls are the ONLY Dolls here specifically, Spiritually, Artfully and custom created to help you Focus Your Will and Power to make influence and control of others as easy as possible. This kind of Doll is also famously known as a Voodoo Doll or "Poppet".


Each Doll is carefully crafted. It is also FULLY customized to your needs and desires. Your SPECIFIC Target's face is also carefully added to the Doll. There is also a Ritual Magick process that is needed to "consecrate" Your Doll, so it can be ready to use by you when you receive it. Think of "consecrating" in this case as placing just a little bit of your target's essence INTO the Doll. It can be said that you are tethering Your Doll to your target SO you CAN Influence them. Without the Spiritual/ Ritual Magick aspect, it's just a Doll. THAT is the difference between Bora's Quantum Bruja Dolls and ANY other so called voodoo doll here on Etsy or ANYWHERE ELSE. So if you have any d.n.a, hair or worn clothing, you will need to send that to us, as it is an important part of attaching the Doll to your target. These elements will actually be sown INTO your Doll. So WHAT If you DON'T have any d.n.a, hair or personal belongings of your target? Not a problem. You can be AMAZED at what can be done with just a picture, full name and birthdate in the hands of a trained professional.





This standard Bruja Doll Kit Includes your customized Doll, A candle to use for your Ritual, Magickal Oil corresponding to your objective with Your Doll, and EASY to follow Ritual Instructions on what you are to DO with Your Bora Quantum Bruja Doll when you receive it. We make it as EASY as possible for you to Start Working Your Magick NOW.




The Standard Bora Quantum Bruja Doll Colors:


  • White: Positive, Purification or Healing, Protection and Spirituality.

Also All Purpose Color.


  • Red: Love, Attraction Or Power, Lust, WillPower, Vigor Endurance, Ambition and Courage.



  • Green: Growth, Wealth, Fertility, Prosperity, Employment, GoodLuck and Beauty.



  • Yellow: Success, Confidence, Concentration, Action, Wisdom, Intellect and Learning.



  • Purple: Spirit Realm, Wisdom or psychic Exploration, Power, Success and Commitment.


  • Blue: Love, Peace, Healing, Happiness, Guidance, Truth and Religous Inpiration.


  • Black: Accessing Subconcious, Binding Calming, for Grownding and Protection

Negetive; it can be used to dispel negeative energy or to summon it.

Also an all purpose color


  • Orange: Legal matters, Confidance, Pride and Empathy.


  • Pink: Love, Frienship, Leisure, Gentleness and Reconcilation.


  • Silver: Represents the Goddess and The Moon. Stimulates Visions and Intuition.


  • Gold: Represents The God amd The Sun, Stimulates the Life Force and Longetivity in Things.


  • Brown: Assists in Grounding and indesiviness.


  • Grey: Legal Matters.




**If you are having trouble picking the right color for your Doll

take a few days and think about it. If you still cant decide I would suggest going with either white or Black since those colors are an all purpose color and do represnt all colors. You can always add accessories to your doll after you recieve it to represent the color you want to work with. example you want Green for GoodLuck you would want to place a green pin on the fluff of the doll.




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