Filomena Lubana aka. Martha The Dominator is a powerful and firey Loa ( Voodoo Spirit/Entity). She is RENOUN for Her abilities to DOMINATE a person or situation.

She is also known to create and KEEP peace in the home as well as being a fierce protector and warrior and so much more.

Why would you want to INVOKE her?

And what the hell does that even mean?

Warning! Side effects of invoking marta la dominadora include:

Increased Psychic Awareness Increased SELF Control CRAZY Telepathic Abilities Dominating people or situations with ease Bulletproof Spiritual Protection RIDICULOUS Personal Power & Attraction And MANY more mysteries that will personally be revealed to YOU So why INVOKE HER? And what does it mean to "invoke" her?

​ Imagine that ANY Deity, God, Goddess or even a Movie character is like an outfit.

When you invoke them, it's as if you're putting on ALL the Qualities and attributes of this Entity. Like a new outfit. ​

When you truly Invoke an Entity, You BECOME THAT ENTITY! AND the attributes and qualities You Desire. ​ ​


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Martha La Dominadora Filomena Lubana Oil

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