What can Santisima Muerte Do For You?


Santisima Muerte is a Legendary Force of Magick. Able to produce Miraculous Results For You In ANY Area Of Your Life, it is no wonder Her reputation and following has continued to explode over the last few decades.


Now, Talismans Magick has been used thousands of years old. Why?


BECAUSE IT WORKS, it is quite simple. You Can Imagine This Talisman To be A Container Of Her Magick Force, which You Can Wear to Access Her Magick On Your Behalf further.


Think Of It Like Your Very Own Battery, Brimming With Power, so when You Need It, It Is Always There For You.


So what are the common areas of your life in which This Talisman Magick has been used to Manifest Results in? 


* Love, Lust, and AttractionMagick


* Money, Prosperity, and Wealth Magick ( thousands of drug dealers, high profile business owners, Fortune 500 CEOs, and regular, everyday people CAN'T be wrong!)


* Protection ( from enemies known and unknown, without and within)


* Personal Transformation, Healing (mental, emotional, and physical) and Soul Searching Shadow Work


* Spells for Justice and Dominating Law Enforcement


* Spiritual, Psychic and Occult Knowledge, and POWER


* And much, much more!


She Works With Your Imagination, and thankfully, Her Results Often Surpass What You Have Imagined For Yourself!


This Talisman also acts like a Portable, Discreet Altar that You Can Carry With You Every Where and No One Has To Know Your Business. 


They won't know why You Will Glow Like You Do or why You Will Seem To Just Have An Undefineable Edge Over Everyone. BUT that is between You and Santisima Muerte. 


This Talisman also helps you program Your Unconscious Mind by acting as a hidden Symbol of your desires and intentions. 


Get This Beautiful Limited Edition Piece Now; it comes with our equally potent Santisima Muerte Oil you can use in ALL your magick workings, Anoint Yourself and Your Talisman For Potentially Atomic Results! 


You Also Recieve A Guided Santisima Trance Ritual You Can Use to program your Talisman and Keep It Charged Up so It Can Serve You Like You need It To!


So I don't know precisely why YOU Need This Talisman Now. You Can Imagine 2 or 3 Months From Now, Feeling The Excitement Of All The Great Things You See Happening In Your Life. Even All The Great News You're Hearing, As You Look Back To This Very Moment You Choose To Claim YOUR Talisman and THINK " This Was One Of The Greatest Investments I Have EVER Made."


Well, you wouldn't be wrong. 


Bring This Santisima Muerte Talisman Home To You Now, Before She's GONE.


This piece comes with

  •  Corresponding oil ($69.99)
  • Santa Muerte Clearing Ritual ($29.99)
  • The Rapid Cash Infusion Ritual #5; Muerte Mulah ($29.99)


Each piece will go through a ritual in which it will be cleansed, blessed, and charged by the power of our Santa Muerte.

Santa Muerte Magick Talisman

$187.97 Regular Price
$178.57Sale Price

To bring in; apply from the bottom up.

To get rid of or to send out; apply from the Top-down.

Crown/Top of your head

3rd eye/ between the eyebrows

Temples/Side of your forehead

Back of your neck

Throat Chakra/ Throat area

Heart chakra/ between the breast or middle chest

Solar Plexus Chakra/ above the belly button

(3 fingers wide)

Sacral Chakra/ Underneath the belly button

(3 Fingers wide down the belly button

Root Chakra/ perineum area

(between the anus and external genitalia) I usually apply between my inner thighs.

And finally, the bottom of your feet middle, the arch area.