Shango is one of THE most popular Orishas. EVERY Woman Wants Him, and Every Man Wants To BE Him.


This Talisman Is A Discreet Wearable "Battery." It acts as a funnel for this Divine Regal Energy. It Simultaneously also can work like a hidden, portable Altar that You Enjoy Wearing.


Men typically Invoke Him because of His Famous Sexual Prowess. But did you know He also helps with things like Self Discipline and Courage?


And though He is Known for his Male Virility, Shango IS A King! Which means He Ain't With Being Broke! Another avatar of The Sky God is Shango Macho, a muscular young King sitting on a gold pile with a big kool-aid smile on His Face. He represents pleasure and opulence, as well. 


Shango's energy is also that of a FIERCE PROTECTOR. 


*Grab This Limited Edition Talisman Now To Help Yourself Increase Your Self Esteem and Confidence.


*Increase Your Inner Motivation, So You Do What You Need To Do To Manifest Your Success. 


* Magnetizes Your Aura For Royal Like Prosperity


Provides a Spiritual Protective Hedge Around You ( like having your own Spiritual Secret Service Agents Surrounding Your Presidential Ass)


* And Mucho More


Get Busy Buying Into Your Success By Snatching This Wearable Thunder Magick Now Before We Sell Out! 


  • This Shango Piece comes with its corresponding Oil ($69.99)


Each piece will go through a ritual in which it will be cleansed, blessed, and charged.

"Bring TheThunder" Shango Magick Talisman


To bring in; apply from the bottom up.

To get rid of or to send out; apply from the Top-down.

Crown/Top of your head

3rd eye/ between the eyebrows

Temples/Side of your forehead

Back of your neck

Throat Chakra/ Throat area

Heart chakra/ between the breast or middle chest

Solar Plexus Chakra/ above the belly button

(3 fingers wide)

Sacral Chakra/ Underneath the belly button

(3 Fingers wide down the belly button

Root Chakra/ perineum area

(between the anus and external genitalia) I usually apply between my inner thighs.

And finally, the bottom of your feet middle, the arch area.