When going into a trance many times, it is difficult to do so. The mind is always busy, even during sleep. When you start to go into a mediation/Trance state many times, the mind starts acting up by sending signals to your body, "Oh, I am itchy here or there!" or "I forgot to clean the kitchen today!" Our Trance Gateway Oil helps reach that Meditation/Trance state by calming the Mind, Spirit, and Body. It also helps ground you and brings greater awareness to your mind.

The Trance Gateway Oil is a spiritual oil used while meditating, praying, or doing psychic work.

You can apply this oil to your skin, dress candles, anoint with it, add to sachets, baths, etc.

The perfect oil to use before or during meditations or when needing to feel more grounded.

The Trance Gateway Oil

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Our products are not intended to be taken internally and are sold as curio ONLY

Please keep away from children and pets