Santa Muerte 

Ancestral Message

Do You Dare To Know?

Santisima Muerte Ancestral Divination are to connect with the inborn and HIDDEN wisdom of one's ancestral lineage as well as tapping into the primordial dark realms which we are all connected.

Santisima Muerte is tapped into to act like a cosmic moderator, for whatever NEEDS to come through for YOU, at this current time and place.

The only requirement is an open and NONJUDGEMENTAL MIND.

Often, the ROOTS of some of our earthly human challenges are caused on the astral and ancestral realms of our being.

With an open mind and TRUST, you will discover KEY INSIGHTS, INFO & DATA that can and WILL lead to major shifts and transformations. Be it instantly or gradually over time.


  Is performed by Bora and Shango Rei delivered to you by USPS typed up in the best quality paper with a picture of your cards. 


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Santa Muerte 
Ancestral Reading


Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for delivery